viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Captain Power and The Soldiers of the Future Mini Review

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Got as my Christmas gift for myself this cool 4 DVD set including all 22 episodes of this groundbreaking series that meshed Live Action and (very early) CGI and interactivity. Earth in the year 2147 is not a nice place as the Bio Dread Empire, lead by Lord Dread, controls the world with an iron fist only a few rebel groups work against it, specially the group led by Captain Jonathan Power and his cadre of high tech warriors. 3 dvds cover the series and an extras disc includes a lot of goodies, like an feature length documentary, a overview of what would had happened if the series had gotten a 2nd season, the sales pitch video, the Legend Begins movie (broadcasted in several markets) and if you have the toys and a SD TV, the interactivity still works.

This gets Five Powerjets XT-7s out of Five!

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